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Milk Tablet Processing Techniques for Novel Milk Product

This research aimed to produce the milk tablet with fast disintegration time suitable for the novel milk product. The investigated techniques included extrusion-spheronization (ES), wet granulation (WG), low-pressure compression (LPC) and solution molding and freeze-drying (SMFD). Processing conditions and filler addition were studied. The disintegration time, drying time, and density of the tablet was evaluated. The optimal disintegration time of ES, WG, LPC, and SMFD are 60, 10.5, 1.4, and 2.5 minutes, respectively. ES and WG produced a sluggishly disintegrated tablet because the milk particles became aggregated when they were watered during processing. SMFD is a wet process as well, but it created a high porosity within the tablet resulted in a highly specific surface area. For LCP technique, on the other hand, is a dry process in which the internal particles formed a loose assemblage due to the use of low pressured. Keywords - Milk tablet, Disintegration, Dairy Product, Tabletting, Product Development.