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Behavior Of Smartphone Usage While Driving Among University Students In Urban Area, Thailand

Smartphone usage while driving was common in young adults. The behavior was major cause of accidents. Therefore, this study aims to assess the factors associated with behavior of smartphone usage while driving among university students in urban area in Thailand. This study was a cross-sectional study. Face to face questionnaire was used as measurement tools. Participants were 77 university students. Chi-square was used to find association between use of smartphone while driving with general characteristic, driving behavior, and health effects. The average age was 21.95 (�1.18) years old. The results showed that 51.9% of the participants have experience of smartphone usage while driving. Factors associated with the smartphone usage while driving were gender (p<0.018), vehicle types (p<0.048), experience of accidents (p<0.027), and eye pain (p<0.008). The further studies should determine the appropriated smartphone using particularly while driving. A proper use of personal Bluetooth or Headphone should be introduced to driver. Index Terms- Smartphone / Driving / University Students