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A Critical Review On Job Creation Policy In Korea

In 2017, the new Korean government is pushing for converting non-regular workers at public sectorinto regular ones.One of Moon’s first pledges as president was related to his election promise to end the plights of contingent workers and to create new jobs focused on young people. Under these policies, the size of contingent workers to be converted to full-time worker is about 310,000 in public sector. There is no doubt the government should muster all of its efforts to alleviate the hardships of contingent workers struggling with low pay and discriminatory working conditions.Regardless of the good purpose of the job creation policy, many experts are maintaining a critical position. Recent statistics show that the job crunch is as severe as ever. A bigger problem is that the situation is unlikely to improve any time soon, because many of the government’s pro-labor policies discourage businesses from hiring.This paper will investigate critically the key issues of the Korean government policy of job creation in public sector, the current progress, and problems on the sight. Index Terms—Job Creation, Contingent Worker, Regular Worker, Pro-Labor Policy