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The Impact Of Perceived Corporate Social Responsibility On Frontline Employee’s Emotional Labor Strategies

A substantial number of studies have been extensively investigated the corporate social responsibility(CSR) in relation with various internal and external stakeholders of the firm. Recently this discussion has been extended to the importance of employees. And numerous studies have revealed the positive aspects of CSR for the employees. However, the significance of integrated model for both the positive and negative aspects of CSR has been overlooked in the literature. Hence, this study urged both positive and negative perception of CSR in-term of CSR-authenticity and CSR-cynicism on the delivery of services of frontline employees (FLEs). In particular, self-serving and altruistic motives of CSR are discussed as antecedents for authenticity and cynicism and Emotional Labor Strategies(surface-acting and deep-acting) are discussed as outcome variables. An online survey of 258 FLEs was conducted in South Korea for exploring the relationship among variables. After collecting data AMOS 21 was used for the analysis of the structural equation model. Consequently the study revealed that there is a significantly positive relationship between altruistic motives and authenticity of CSR. Similarly our results also showed that there is a significantly positive relationship between CSR-self-serving motives and cynicism of CSR. Furthermore, this study has found that there is a significantly positive relationship between authenticity and deep acting as well as there is significantly positive relationship between cynicism and surface acting. Theoretically the findings of this study contributed to the literature by integrating the positive and negative aspects of CSR perception and their outcomes. Specifically, this study showed the self-serving motives and altruistic motives of the firm to the perception of authenticity and cynicism and their impact on deep acting and surface acting of the FLEs. While managerially our findings emphasized that the managers should give considerable attention to the perception making of their CSR activities which eventually affect the emotional labor strategies of the FLEs. Keywords - Corporate Social Responsibility, Authenticity, Cynicism, Deep acting, Surface acting