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The Effect Of Biological Phosphate Fertilizers On Weed’s Occurrence And Characteristics

The effect of phosphate bio-fertilizer on occurrence of the dominant weeds in wheat field was investigated in a 5×3 factorial experiment in a randomized complete block design with 3 replications. The first factor, fertilizer, comprised of five levels, super phosphate triples 0, 100 and 200 kgha-1 as chemical fertilizer and Barvar 2 and 3 100 gha-1 as bio-fertilizer, and the second factor, cultivar, comprised of Shiraz, Marvdasht and Bahar. Results indicated that the bio-fertilizer application reduced Hordeummurinum, Cardariadraba, Stellaria media, Alopecurusmyosuroides, andLamiumamplexicaule occurrence, but increasedCirsiumarvensisand Lactucaserriola. In addition, Bahar cultivar had better competition with weeds compared to the other cultivars. Therefore, bio-fertilizer application and Bahar cultivar are recommended for the similar regions.Results of field study were supported by greenhouse researches. The greenhouse trials demonstrated that weed’s height, seed fecundity and seed rainin biological fertilizer treatmentshad significant difference with control and chemical fertilizer treatments. Key words- Bio-fertilizer, weed, nutrient uptake, competition, weed management