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A Study on the Indicator Analysis of Sustainable Development for the Space Construction Around the Miaoli Station

The study tried to focus on the wide-ranging thoughts for the connection among the different potential sites for the cultural, historical, and sustainable development. The important facets and factors were discussed by fuzzy Delphi method for the space construction around the Miaoli stations. The study integrated the expert’s group opinions by means of Fuzzy Delphi method, and its results showed that the “Environmental development(A)” attained the most significant influence than others, and it was followed by the dimension of “Public-Private collaboration(C)”, “Space creation(D)”, and “Cultural catalyst(B)”. The interview and expert feedback, it was obvious that the core of four guidelines was the “Environmental development (A)”, while combining with the “Space creation (D)” and “Cultural catalyst (B)”, it could create a better possibility for the urban development. Also, when it was further integrated with the “Public-Private collaboration(C)”, it would revitalize and improve the space creation, local economic development, and community revitalization as well. Keywords - Fuzzy Delphi method (FDM), sustainable indicators, Miaoli station, space construction