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Simulation of Stray Current in DC Railways System with Rail Potential and Structure Voltage

In general, the train's stray current study starts with the estimated rail potential with EN 50122-2, which is calculated at the time to be more realistic and complete while rail potential with the train moving calculation is determined, which main function to be railway service designing. A single-train simulator model was developed to collect and evaluate stray currents using multi conductor systems and the calculation of power flow was used in this study using the current injections methods (CIM). Furthermore, this model also calculates the voltage in the metal structure. The algorithm of the train movement is applied in power flow calculation with MATLAB/M-file applied to Bangkok Transit System (BTS) Sky Train Silom Line as a case study. It is expected to show the efficiency of the single-train movement modelling to calculate the rail potential, the structure voltage and energy demand at substations and the voltage profile of the train during the train movement. Index Terms ¬¬- Stray Current, Rail Potential, Dc Railways System, Structure Voltage, Single-Train Movement