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A Study On Elimination Of Defects For Enhancement Of Cost-Effectiveness In Wire Rod Mills In Indian Scenario

The custodian of all standards of product quality and characterization is the quality controlling unit. In this thesis we have tried to identify the possible reasons like Segregation, Resolved Peralite, Laps, Fins, Chip off and other defects which are mainly responsible for the non-prime production by the Wire rod mill, there by suggesting the probable remedial measures, accounted the existing tests and examining procedures and have tried to bring certain alterations in method of visualization which can help in better identification and eradication of defective products. There is also the study on the enhancement of the cost-effectiveness with the minimization of defects arises due to the non-prime products. Index Terms: Segregation, Resolved Pearlite, Laps, Decarburization, Fins, Chip off