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Management And Disposal Of Municipal Solid Wastes In Yavatmal District Of Maharashtra State Of India And Use Of Household Waste Management Unit

Proper waste management may be a basic key to environmental property. During this study, the municipal solid waste management and disposal ways in Yavatmal district in Maharashtra state of India is given. The characteristics and composition of those wastes and therefore the environmental problems related to its management also are investigated. Structured questionnaires were accustomed acquire primary knowledge from a random size of population within the areas that have the best accumulation of plenty of solid wastes within the Government selected waste selling sites and open areas on the main streets among the metropolis. Environmental and health problems arising from the unsustainable management of the wastes were studied throughout this project. The results indicates that the waste dump sites (designated and non-designated) on the main streets and several other open areas are left unattended for long periods specified the rubbish heaps; encroach on the roads thereby limiting the road users access, generate serious pollution problems, represent important nuisance once blown over by winds, and distorts the aesthetic read of the metropolis. The results conjointly show that the composition of the wastes within the metropolis is heterogeneous as a result of it contains each perishable and non-biodegradable materials like e-wastes, plastic, synthetic resin materials, hospital wastes, and hair designer’s wastes amongst others. The study was created on characteristics of organic and inorganic waste and experiments were conducted for conversion this waste into their byproducts. Finally the analysis highlights the importance of incorporation of the 4Rs Associate in nursing participation of all stakeholders with the event of an integrated waste utilization depot within the residential estates. Keywords - Organic and inorganic waste, municipal solid waste management, Plastic oil, Compost, Recycling.