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The Relationship Between Geomorphology of the Waterfall and Potentiality of Ecotourism

The Duvili Ella waterfall lies near the foothills of Sabaragamuwa and it comes under the reserve of the semi arid forest area, including a variety of medicinal plants and natural beauty of the tourist destination in Sri Lanka. In considering the Sri Lankan geomorphology, it is obviously seen that there is a potentiality for tourism close by waterfalls. Among the formation of waterfalls, Duvili Ella can be considered as a rare formation. A National Ecotourism Policy Plan is being formulated to promote Sri Lanka as a unique ecotourism destination. Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority hopes to gain sustainable profitability through natural, cultural and human resources, and to the optimum visitor experiences. The proper ecotourism management plan can develop the socioeconomic and infrastructure facilities of the host country on the basis of the regional natural resources. . In this study, focuses the resources of the natural environment based on the geomorphology of the waterfalls in the vicinity of the Duvili Ella waterfall at Kaltota in Ratnapura District. It is quite clear that this is a new profile which has been investigated with the potentiality of developing such a national heritage. This paper explores the identifications of potential resources to develop the nature based tourism destination at the Duvily Ella waterfall in Rathnapura District in Sri Lanka. The methodology is based on the field experiment, observations, focus group discussions and spatial changes and resources potentiality were analyzed using remote sensing and GIS techniques. The Duvily Ella waterfall and the surrounding environment have tremendous potential resources for the development of Eco based tourism in Sri Lanka, as a consequence of physical changes of the natural environment. Keyword - Waterfall, Geomorphology, Ecotourism, Resources, GIS