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Horne And Political Parties: Consensus A Magic Pudding

The purpose of writing this article is to illustrate about consensus and public culture around the world and mostly on the Australia. The subject of consensus is necessary because it allows us to better understand the human condition of living in a modern world in response to various stimuli that confront us. Whereas, politics and education provide an important context within which, while there is an ever present expectation for egalitarianism (equality of arms), dangers everywhere abound. The article begins with the introduction that what is consensus. Then seven significant key factors are provided with the proper evidences in the form of theory and method, through the words of left intellectuals Donald Horne in particular. Finally, the winning of consensus specifically (politics and education) and generally (society) is presented as a coherent ideology that when realized results in important social gains and offers up essential social challenges and hidden dangers. The purpose of this paper writing to make people think about how the public culture and institutions playing role in consensus with respect of politics. key words- Consensus, Public-culture, Politics, Education