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Impact of Language on The Society in Advertising Media of India

- Advertising people mean business – the sole aim being to sell their products, services or ideas – leaving no strategy under the sun untouched in the achievement of the goal. But at the same time, they can’t and should not be allowed to shut their eyes to the social, cultural and moral responsibility towards the society in which they function. Therefore, the present study purposes to analyse and assess the impact of advertisements on the consumers of media by conducting the sample surveys. It aims at analysing the language of advertisements - consumerist or propagandist - as a phenomenon influencing the socio psychological, economic and, cultural configuration of Indian society. It begins with the premise that besides being tactically written, ads have to be socially responsible too. Taking into view the global cable-network culture that has cast a spell on the whole nation, advertisements now are exerting a greater influence than ever before. Index terms - Media, advertisement, communication, language, consumers.