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Ágora do Saber: A Pervasive Game about The Culture in Bento Gonçalves-Rs

Ágora do Saber is a hybrid, multimodal, pervasive and ubiquitous game, which occurs in Bento Gonçalves-RS city Created for mobile devices, the game makes use of augmented reality, geolocation, characters and 3D scenarios. The game’s objective is to enable knowledge experiences in the city from the Cultural Heritage and Cultural Landscape representative of the history and culture of Italian immigration, as well as an integrating space of learning, understood as elements for the culture and citizenship development. The research and development methodology is inspired by the Living Lab’ concept, proposed by William J. Mitchel and in the cartographic method of research-intervention, proposed by [1] [2] [5] [6]. Living Labs refer to an open, collaborative, subject-centered innovation ecosystem in the context of public-private research, usually linked to a territorial context. The cartographic method of research-intervention is a method that aims to follow a process. Because it is intervention research, the analysis occurs in the process, in the movement of cartography, which makes it possible to carry out the intervention while it is occurring. In this way, both the project’s proposal and the theoretical and methodological framework comprise the subject as the central agent in the construction of innovation. Keywords - Games, Culture, Education, Learning, Hybridism