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Application of CDIO in Higher Education: Implementation and Assessment

Compared to foreign countries’ “student-centered” teaching methods, in Taiwan, most courses are still focused on the teachers’ explanation and demonstration. Hence, rarely there are interactions between the teacher and the students. Also, students rarely ask questions driven by their enthusiasm. Even when they do ask questions, the questions are still directly related to the course’s subject and not about other questions inspired by the content. Over time, students lose their passion to learn, and their academic performance become disappointing. Therefore, the research investigated three courses in the university which combined the new engineering approach, “Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate” (CDIO) approach, with their curriculum. This research aims to understand students’ motive for learning by working groups and creative thinking by using the five-point Likert scale. This research matches the university’s promoting idea of combining CDIO into different courses, and can also provide examples for others who are willing to try different or similar teaching methods. Index Terms - CDIO, student-centered, creative thinking