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Life Cycle Costing For Materials Onbuilding Façade

Selection of materials for the sustainable building façade requires various issues, such as the analysis of economic performances as well as physical performances per se in every stage of their life cycle. In this regard, a number of researches have been done for life cycle costing (LCC) of buildings and building systems to compare economic effects of their options. However, previous researches have focused on buildings and building systems in terms of critical issues on LCC. Few researches, therefore, have been done to calculate LCC of façade material for a building at the design stage;LCC is a critical issue on the selection of facade materials. The aim of this research is to develop a process forcalculating LCC of building facade materials throughout their life cycle. The research method includes “life cycle costing” (LCC) and “value engineering” (VE) as research methodologies. Thus, the original contribution of this research is the development of feasible LCC assessment into the decision-making process on selecting optimal facade materials of buildings at the design stage. Keywords - Building façade; Life Cycle Cost; Façade material; Material selection, Value engineering