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Gym Equipment’s Based On-Grid Energy Harvester

This paper describes an energy harvester model for human activities. The harvester model mainly consists of an electromagnetic generator. This harvester attached directly to gym devices’ to generate electricity from humans’ kinetic energy when doing their exercises in gym halls. This paper shows that this harvester model can make the life worldwide more eco-friendly. In this context, this model has a significant contribution to the global issues; increasing the global energy share by harvesting the free energy in gyms from humans’ kinetic energy within the training sessions. The novelty of this work is to generate a sufficient electricity from Gym equipment’s without affecting the gym members by using negligible area. This extra free energy source can decrease the Gym demand of electricity. Furthermore, this additional energy can be used to provide sufficient electricity to power the gym’s lighting system. Thus, by using such harvester we promote the Gym as a green building and enhance the sustainability worldwide. In this paper, the benefits of this harvester model over other harvesting methods are clarified. A comparison between this model and a well-known type in the renewable energy field, the photovoltaic systems is made. In addition to demonstrate the economic feasibility of this model. Index Terms - Electromagnetic Generator, Energy Harvester, Human Activity Harvester, Gym Exercises Harvester.