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The Model of Learning Sorume In SDN 2 Sabilambo in Preserving Traditional Music of Kolaka Regency

This study aims at describing learning Sorume music in the Regency as an effort to preserve traditional music in Kolaka District. This research is a descriptive-qualitative research with case study approach. This research model consists of 3 stages: 1) Pre-research, 2) Research process, 3) Post-research. The main subjects of the research are the art teacher of SD Negeri 2 Sabilambo viewed from the learning strategy which includes the approach, model, method, technique, and evaluation used in teaching music of Sorume to the students. Data were collected with instruments in the form of learning process observation sheets, interview questionnaires, and documentation (pictures and documents). Sorume music learning strategy in SD Negeri Sabilambo used learning through art approach with direct learning model. Combination of demonstration and imitation of playing musical instrument become method of learning. Meanwhile, Evaluation was done by using performance assessment at the end of learning by giving opportunity to students to perform their ability in playing musical instrument of Sorume. Keywords - Preservation of traditional music, Sorume, Learning strategy