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Recent Trends in the Field of Management, Economics and Social Science

The recent trends in the field of management ,it will not be out of place to know what exactly is management. Management is nothing, but the combination of the factors of production –Land, Labour ,Capital, organization and advertisement for the production of the commodity, which solely depends on the organizing capacity of the entrepreneur ,who combines the above five factors of production. The recent trends in the domain of management can best be studied with the help of the following Figures; (1)Assumption of greater importance of finance in comparism to HR/Marketing and other domains. (2)Emergence of corporate finance as an independent concept. (3).Emergence of intellectual properly polished as an independent discipline (4).Emergence of global nature of Economy Economics, has been defined as a science which studies human behaviour as a relationship between the ends and scarce means, which have alternative uses. According to Paul Samuelson, ”Economics is a study of how man society choose, with or without the use of money, to employ scarce productivity uses resource which would have alternative uses,to produce the various commodities over time and distribute them for consumption now and in future among the various people and the groups of society” It is nothing but a social science concerned with the proper allocation of resources for the achievement and maintenance of growth with the recent trends in the economics field. Economics trends can best be understood with the help of the following figure RECENT TREND IN ECONMICS 1) Assumption of greater important of the concept of Macro-economic analysis as in contrast to Micro-economics analysis. 2).importance of the concept of ,What to produce, How to produce ,for whom to produce and when to produce. 3) Emergence of the concept of method of producing higher rate of growth. 4).How to resolve the problem of unemployment. As far as the recent trends in the field of social sciences are concerned, Social science has got a very wide domain and it includes sociology, anthropology a part of geography. The best way of analyzing the recent trends in the field of sociology can best be understood with the help of the following figures; Recent trends in the field of sociology. 1)Breaking a way of joint family system 2).Emergence of nuclear family system 3).Growth of more participation of women sharing the work culture of men. 4).Adoption of population control method in the educated families. Key Words - Advertisement, Anthropology Capital, Entrepreneur, Growth, Joint family system, Labour, Land, Macro-Economic analysis, Management, Nuclear family, Unemployment, Work culture