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Social Support Mediates the Relationship Between Adult Attachment and Marital Satisfaction Among Heterosexual Pakistani Couples

The present research was carried out to explore the adult attachment and its influence on the marital satisfaction among couples in Pakistan. The main objective of the current study was to find out the prediction of adult attachment for marital satisfaction among couples and also to find out the influence of husbands` attachment dimensions on the wives’ marital satisfaction and impact of wives’ attachment dimensions on the husband`s marital satisfaction. Present research further explored factor of social support and its role as mediating variable between attachment and marital satisfaction. The study was conducted with N=350 (175 couples) on diverse groups on the basis of age, education, income, family system, length of relationship and number of children. There are is a mediating variable of social support that was hypothesized to mediate the relationship between adult attachment and marital satisfaction. Consistent with hypothesis the research showed that social support is fully mediating the relationship between both partner’s avoidance and their marital satisfaction. Finally, it was concluded that couples with anxious and avoidant attachment reported less marital satisfaction and there is a significant role of social support in strengthening the marital satisfaction. At last, the findings are discussed in the light of Pakistani cultural context and its implications in the Pakistani society. Keywords - Adult Attachment, Marital Satisfaction, Social Support, Anxious and Avoidant attachment