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The Effect Of Nano-Zinc Oxide And Titanium Dioxide On The Properties Of Bioplastic

Biodegradable plastic film making has been done using a mix of tapioca starch and corn starch, which functions as the main raw materials together with glycerin and other ingredients namely aquades which serves as a solvent, as well as nano Zinc Oxide and nano Titanium Oxide that serve as an additives. Tapioca starch and cornstarch was chosen as the raw material for the manufacture of bioplastic, because it is cheap and easy to get, its use is also stillminimal compared to other starch. This research aims to make an eco-friendly plasticand to improve the quality of bioplastic by adding Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide nano particles, the influence on the mechanical properties,surface morphology, and thedecomposition rate of bioplastic was investigated.The materials used a mixture of nanoZnO and nanoTiO2with percentage composition are 0:100, 25:75, 50:50, 75:25, 100:0 of each. Based on the results aboveit can be concluded thatthe addition of Zno and TiO2nanoparticles can increase the mechanical strength and elongation of bioplastics, but on the contrary rate of bioplastic degradability decreases with the addition of ZnO and TiO2. The highest tensile strength (0.21 N/mm2)was obtained of percentage composition of nanoZnO and nano TiO2 25:75. On the other hand,the highest elongation (29.3%) was obtained of percentage composition of nanoZnO and nanoTiO2 0:100andbiodegradibility process during the 3 days showed that the easiet bioplasticfilm to decompose in the soil are bioplastic films without the addition of a substance of nanoZnO and nano TiO2. Index Terms - Biodegradable, tapioca starch, cornstarch, TiO2, ZnO