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Numerical Investigation on Effects of Operating Parameters on A Novel Heat Pipe Embedded Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall System

This paper describes a novel heat pipe embedded aluminum veneer curtain wall (HPeAVCW) system which integrates the aluminum veneer with heat pipes. Taking advantages of the heat pipe, most of the absorbed solar thermal energy by the outer aluminum sheet could be transferred to the cold flowing domestic water inside the embedded water box. Thus, the HPeAVCW system could generate domestic hot water and simultaneously reduce indoor heat gain or loss. Based on the heat transfer process, a mathematical model of the HPeAVCW system was firstly built. Then, the influences of key operating parameters, such as solar irradiation intensity and ambient temperature, together with the flow rate and temperature of the domestic feed water on the system thermal performance were assessed. The results quantified the level of influences of these parameters, in that high solar irradiation intensity and ambient temperature have positive effects on the system performance, while low inlet water temperature makes contribution to the water heat gain. Index Terms- Aluminum veneer curtain wall, Heat pipe, Operating parameters analysis, System thermal performance