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Youth And Asean Economic Community: Perceptions And Strategies Of The Youth From Five Asean Countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Thailand, And Indonesia) Preparing Aec

ASEAN Economic Community is a small economic globalization. Where the ASEAN society will work together to increase ASEAN economy as a whole. The youth are the one who will effected a lot. They are genereation and agent of change of the state. They are the one who will bring the country’s future. But the question is how if the youth are not ready for AEC? How if they don’t have any idea to prepare themselves? We almost run out of time and there are so many things that the young people should prepare before AEC impelemented so AEC could reach the goal, bring the ASEAN to the biggest stage, world, as ‘World Central Market’. This research aims to answer to the questions: “How the youth from 5 ASEAN countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Thailand, and Indonesia) percept about AEC?” and “How the youth strategies to prepare AEC?”. So that the government will know how they should prepare the effective strategies for the community especially for the youth. This research use qualitative methodes. This research finds that the youth are not ready for AEC. They argue that they don’t really know about what AEC is and what is it stand for. They said that they need more time to prepare. Working together with different backgroud is not a simple thing. They should know more about AEC and it’s government “homework” to make the society understand about it.