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Application of Green Buildings Technology in Jordan – A Survey

This research focused on the applicability of applying green buildings to Jordan. A survey was distributed to one hundred forty-three companies working in the 1st and 2nd Grade Contracting Companies, Consulting Engineering Offices and Project Management Companies to assess this. Analysis showed that 67.1% have general knowledge regarding green buildings, while only 30.1% of the respondents have a practical experience in green projects. Testing of hypothesizes showed that education level played a major role in determining the awareness level of respondent toward initial and lifecycle costs of green buildings. Furthermore, respondents with different experience had different attitudes toward economic factors. On the other hand, other demographic characteristics such as type of company had no effect on their perspective toward green building. More awareness for the concept and benefits of green buildings as a priority by the Public Sector is required. The development of plans for national strategy to promote and encourage green building technology due of its environmental and economic benefits on the long term is required. Index Terms- Green building, Sustainability, Jordan.