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Success Analysıs of Turkısh Foreıgn Polıcy Hıstory ın Terms of Target-Result Congruıty (1923-2000)

The most resolute way that can be used in terms of access to success analysis of a topic like the Turkish foreign policy, which is very intense in terms of history and also can be regarded as extremely fragile and variable from a political point of view, is to take the history of Turkish foreign policy apart from the leader or event-crisis themed periods. From this themed periods, abstracting the Turkish foreign policy targets to motto level and then comparing these mottos to the cases that recorded in the related periods as outputs is the working principle of this success analysis. During this anlysis we can also see the foreign policy attitude, named as “Turkish Thesis”, against the events/crises. The comparative match between the foreign policy targets and resultsis not only the important objective, such as revealing the success analysis, but also revealing the period-based impact capacity of Turkey in the regional and global scale. The objectives to which the analysis focuses are highlighted as "The Lausanne Balance", "The Effective Neutrality", "The Unilateral Stamina", "The Model Country", "The Regional Power" with mottled states. It is necessary to address the European Union membership process and the Cyprus Problem, which are the longest-running crises of Turkish foreign policy history, outside of these motives-in their own context. Atatutk’s foreign policy attitude that can be abstracted to a motto level as “The Lausanne Balance" and “The Effective Neutrality”, which was the basic foreign policy concepts During the Second World War, are reflecting the perfect congruity of the target-result match. We can name “The Unilateral Stamina” that implemented in the large part of the Cold War as “the most passive period in Turkish foreign policy”. The goal of becoming a "model country" in the post-Cold War period seems to be the most distant target. The period in which AK Party governments dominate foreign policy and the period that matches with the motto of "Regional Power" is the most severe process of Turkish foreign policy history because of the mostly regional scaled crises.