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Preliminary Studies on Three Dimensional Stress Analysis of Fastener Joint in Composite Laminate

In this work, we have conducted a preliminary study on three-dimensional stress analysis of the composite laminate using ANSYS Parametric Design Language (APDL) scripting. So here we will concentrate only on a simple problem of a hole field with a rigid pin in a finite composite plate under the plate load and pin load systems and then extend the technique for three dimensional cases. A composite laminate having circular hole with circular pin has been used to understand the mechanics of load transfer in a pin joint. The commercial software ANSYS has been used for the contact stress analysis problem as the software is capable of handling problems of pin-joints successfully.The interface is assumed to be smooth and the absence of friction simplifies the problem by making the shear stress uniformly zero on the interface whether the contact is full or partial. Keywords - Composite materials; Finite element analysis; Contact stresses.