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Markerless Rapid Space Registration Technique Using Depth Camera for use in Shipbuilding

Recently, a system that combines AR technology for the purpose of providing design information has been demanded so that the field worker can increase the work efficiency in the installation, inspection, and maintenance stages. For this purpose, marker based AR technology is used in the field but heterogeneity occurs because accurate mapping between information is not done. In addition, design information is input to the marker, due to the nature of industry such as shipbuilding and plant, the design range is very wide and the size of the actual product is large, so there are limitations in applying the marker. Therefore, to overcome these limitations, a markerless based AR is applied. This study first developed the pipe system that occupies the most part of shipbuilding and offshore plant design part, and used Depth camera for 3D space recognition, space filter for object recognition, and object recognition technology. Also, the test was conducted through a simple test block, and the validity of the system was verified Keywords - Depth based; Markerless; Augmented reality; Point Cloud; RGB-D; Pipeline.