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Oily Wastewater Separator Enhancement Using Hybrid System Drum Skimmer Integrated With Air Injection & Surface Air Stream

Industrial pollutants such as oil, grease, fats, detergents.. etc. in wastewater are extremely dangerous and harmful to the environment. The National Pollution Discharging Elimination System (NPDES) regulates the discharge of wastewater from industrial facilities such as metal working shops, car service stations, transportation facilities, garages, food industries and oil refineries…etc, these industrial facilities must find an efficient way to separate the oil and other oily based pollutants out of the waste streams to meet the environmental regulations. In the present experimental study, the free oil, oily wastes, emulsions and dissolved oil can be removed using physical oil/water separator integrated with a rotating drum skimmer as a mechanical device. Air injectors from air network in the oil/water reception tank in addition to surface air stream were used to accelerate oil movement and improve the skimmed oil mechanically resulting in more efficient recovery system. Key words- oil skimmers; oil separators, oil spill, oil recovery rate, oil recovery efficiency and oil separator efficiency.