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Portfolios Assessment on Learning Writing: Investigating the Effect

This study intended to investigate the effect of portfolios assessment on enhancing writing skills which consists 23 students were eleventh grade at Senior High School I Kuok Kampar Regency Riau. This study was carried out on two groups were randomly molded as an experiment and control cohort in this experimental investigation which hold out six weeks. Each of which consists of 23 students. At first and eventual of the study, both groups were given an accession test and a scale to measure attitudes towards English. Thus, the effects of portfolio on fruitfulness and behavior towards English were investigated. A pre-test was provided to both groups in order to examine the writing display and sub-skills of content, elaboration, organization, grammar, and vocabulary of learners in writing class. The whole of study the experimental group was taught by using portfolio assessment technique and the control group was taught by using the traditional method. An Independent samples t-test was used in order to see whether there was a statistically significant distinction or not round the groups. Additionally, the independent Samples t-test was applied so as to appeal differences within each cohort. The result was gained from the post-test proved that there was a statistically significant distinction between the experimental and control groups in terms of the kind of treatment, which significant that portfolios had a statistically significant effect on enhancing writing performance and its sub-skills in writing classes. After the treatment, the students in the experimental group were also given an attitude questionnaire to take out their thoughts about the effectiveness of using portfolios on augmenting writing abilities in writing classes. The collected of the data from the attitude questionnaire was analyzed on descriptive statistics including the frequencies, percentages, means, and standard deviations etc. The results proved that students have positive attitudes on applied portfolios on enhancing their writing skills in the class. Keywords - Portfolios assessment, writing skill.