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Analysis of Import Container Dwelling Time in Surabaya Container Terminal (TPS) Porf of Tanjung Perak

Economic development is closely related to the global trade, which facilitated by the increasing process of containerization of freight. Efficient transport and handling of containers in the intermodal supply chain may be an efficient way to reduce the logistics costs. This study purposes to analyze the dwell time of import containers in Surabaya Container Terminal (TPS) in the Port of Tanjung Perak. The analysis will focus on the main constituting components of the dwell time. The average import container dwelling time in January and February 2013 was 8.98 days. Pre-clearance took most of the dwell time with 4.85 days, which is 53.79%. For a specific category of containers, which needed physical inspection, customs clearance took most of dwell time with 41.94%; 39.73% of the time was spent in the pre clearance process; the remainder share, 18.33% was the duration of post clearance. For comparing dwell time with other ports, import container dwell time in TPS should be added with the duration of transfer of containers (overbrengen), which was not included in the average of 8.98 days. The average dwell time in January and February 2013 was estimated to be approximately 10 days including “overbrengen”. A brief comparison was made of the Surabaya Container Terminal TPS of the Port of Surabaya with the Port of Rotterdam and PSA Singapore. Vast differences were noted in the availability of infrastructure, connectivity and electronic information exchange. This benchmarking aimed to provide an overview of the characteristics and processes of the different terminals in order to learn lessons for improvement of the performance of the Surabaya Container terminal given and contribute to alleviation of the main bottlenecks. Stakeholders’ perspective in this case is crucial to find out their own obstacles in the implementation of the suggested improvements. All the stakeholders in the supply chain - in this study there are representatives from the service providers as well as from the users – have giving their own views about the obstacles and also proposed solution for the individual clearance processes of importation of containers in TPS. Reducing import container dwell time in Surabaya Container Terminal could be done by reforming the system of import duties payment, improving the supporting facilities and equipment, applying the technology in every sphere of container handling and information exchange, also concern about the documents and warehouse readiness to shorten pre-clearance, customs clearance, and post-clearance. Keywords - dwell time, clearance, container, import, TPS