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Entrepreneurship Barriers in Jordan

This research aims to investigate and propose a solution to the barriers that face Entrepreneurship in Jordan. The paper will highlight the current situation of Entrepreneurship in Jordan. The investigation is based on the progress of Entrepreneurship from the past till this present day. The barriers and contributions to it are taken into consideration in this research. Furthermore, the study’s main concern is with possible approaches to eliminate the obstacles that stand in the way of future Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship has been gaining attention all over the world, making it imperative to tackle the hindering of its progress and growth here in Jordan. The concern lies in the fact that if Jordan does not take any initiatives, Jordan’s economy will be at a serious disadvantage in comparison to other economies in the short and long run. The findings proved that Jordanians possess a great potential for ingenuity and innovation. If fostered, the great and reverberating impact on the economy will speak for itself when Jordan becomes a formidable contender between other world economics. Keywords - Entrepreneurship, Youth, Barriers, Jordan.