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Development Of Video Conference Platform Based On WEBRTC

Web Conference is a type of videoconference, which is a real-time online event based on audio or video communication. In this paper we have designed and investigated and investigate the audio/video conferencing as a website Service. The website has been designed based on Web Real Time Communications (WebRTC). The site is dynamic site designed under using C# as a programming language, the dynamic content of video conference is JavaScript in which the web server instructs the JavaScript to run certain actions andthen the script will return feedback information to the web server. The process of authorization is done by allowing the access to website pages or videoconference page depending on authorized level; password encrypted using encryption technique which used hashed and salted algorithm to protect it from cracking by any types of attack. In addition, a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) has been used to encrypt all connections between site and client, which provides complete protection for all data transfer operations between the server and the client. The system has been tested in real work for both network and internet and the result show it worked perfectly and the video streaming is based on internet speed and streaming bandwidth. Index Terms - Videoconference, Web Conference, Video Chat, WebRTC