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Inter-State Migration: Human Rights Perspective

The world is a peaceful place to live in. Irrespective of whom the person or community is, the motherland provides for equal rights to live as a dignified soul. My state India has taught through her age-old literature about वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम. (Meaning: The Whole World is One Single Family) which has created the first route to attain Human Rights for one and all. Migration of people has been a significant activity from time unknown to mankind. However, in doing so, several human rights violations had erupted in the form of Apartheid, civil wars, homicides of particular community etc. The world community, after understanding the grave and penetrating effect of the violation, came up with several conventions, defining “migrants” and related provisions. This paper has tried to showcase few of the provisions, effects and suggestions, focusing on Indian context.