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Teachers’ Responsiveness Towards HIV/Aids

Teachers play a very valuable and momentous role in society, they live in. They play an important part in the lives of their students. Children and students are deeply influenced by their teachers’ attributes such as affection, love, care, character, competence and commitment. It is teacher’s duty to make their students aware of latest happenings in the society, as everything cannot be taught inside four walls of the classroom. With this idea, few primary and secondary school students, of the locality where the authors are living, were tried to find out how much information do they have about HIV/AIDS. It was very gloomy situation. This melancholy compelled to take a stock of how much do their teachers know about HIV/AIDS. With this in mind, a survey was conducted using a small sample of student teachers from primary and secondary program. The analyzed data brought forward an important finding supporting the assumption that prospective teachers either are not aware of HIV/AIDS, or they are not having responsiveness towards HIV/AIDS. Their biological perceptions and social perceptions are not in tune with the information about HIV/AIDS that is available on social media and technologies.