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Effect of Formulation on Post-Harvest Quality of Tomatoes

Fruits and vegetables are highly perishable commodities that require to be handled with much care to minimize losses, especially while being transported and stored. Because of their high moisture content horticultural crops are inherently more liable to deteriorate especially under tropical conditions. Due to biological activity and biochemical alterations the quality of fruits is compromised. Tomato is second largest vegetable crop in India. With an annual production of 5 million tons, India contributes about 7% to world production. Tomatoes are highly perishable and have limited shelf life. By the time they reach to the consumers, tomatoes lose their physical appearance as well as other qualities and are not accepted. Short shelf life coupled with inadequate processing facilities results in a heavy revenue loss to the country. This work focuses on increasing the shelf life of tomatoes, by dipping them into the solution of Active ingredient P-104 and triethyl amine. Fruit quality was evaluated by measuring physiological weight loss, color and textural changes as well as microbiological evaluation of uncoated and coated tomatoes, which shall be discussed in the paper. Keywords - Coating, Horticulture crops, Microbiological Activity, Shelf life, Tomatoes.