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Measuring Development priorities of West Sumatra Towards Asean Economic Community

This study aimed to obtain the best course of development of West Sumatera in the ASEAN Economic Community by using two variables: Investment Market and Skilled Labor. Furthermore, the technique used in this study is the analyticalhierarchy process (AHP) which utilizes 20 experts/specialists as respondents/resources in determining the relative merit of a set of alternatives and putting them in order from most to least desirable to measure the potentials. This study will be conducted in three phases which covers, ranking, prioritization and decision making over the variables mentioned above to obtain the best development policy for West Sumatera in the ASEAN Economic Community. The final result of this study indicated somefactors which drive the course ofdevelopment ofthe ASEANEconomic Communityin investment in West Sumatera. The most influential factor to investment islegal certaintywith the greatestweightingto8.090. Following the factor are physical infrastructure of 5.471, traditional culture of 4.869and tourismof4.573. Whereas some factors inskilled laborin West Sumatera are personality trait, which is the most influential factor, weighingto7.300, skillfactorof6.072, educational levels of5.635andeducational typeof3.963. Keyword- Development Priorities, Policy, Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP).