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Mechatronic Design And Implementation Of A Helicopter Test Stand

Real time control systems have a great potential for educational applications of control engineering. They have the benefit to be used for investigation of the performance of different control schemes intuitively. This paper discuss the mechatronic design and implementation of a one degree of freedom helicopter test stand for industrial control lab. The platform is comprised of a balancing beam with two rotors at the ends, wherein the center of mass of the beam can be changed. The mechanical design of the platformis in such a way to minimize the construction time and cost utilizing two dimensionalparts using laser cutting technology. The platform is also equipped with a wireless module to communicate with computer from distance without wiring problem, while having a user interface for implementing various control schemes. In this paper, the step by step procedures along with the required electronic components and mechanical parts for implementation of the platform is discussed in detail. Keywords - Real Time Control, Control Lab, Helicopter Test Stand