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Leadership in Managing and Organizing Innovation Popular Techniques to Support these Processes

Purpose –In the economy, where the business environment is characterized by turbulence and complexity, knowledge is the main source of creating both innovation and sustainable competitive advantage. This paper describes a conceptual model and an associated set of managerial and organizing implications for the innovation company. The question we are trying to answer is: which leadership and organizing characteristics are necessary to manage innovation in the economy? Design/methodology – successful leaders and effective corporate leadership need both ideas and people While considerable attention is given to the product development side of innovation, it is a matter of debate whether the same degree of attention is always given to the people side, and the identification and development of people with leadership potential. This paper describes a procedure which leader explicates the innovation culture construct, and In my paper, methodology of qualitative case study research is used as research methodology. We use of answers that some researchers have provided. Findings – The purpose of this paper is to explain innovation and new technique in a leadership environment. Findings suggest that an innovation culture scale may best be represented through a structure that consists of factors identified as innovation propensity, organizational constituency, organizational learning, creativity and empowerment, market orientation, value orientation, and implementation context. Keywords - leadership, innovation, long-lasting advantages, meta-analysis, brainstorming, TRIZ