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The Relationship Between Knowledge Management And Employee Retention

Knowledge is always embodied in a person; carried by a person; created, augmented, or improved by a person; applied by a person; taught and passed on by a person; used or misused by a person. The shift to the knowledge society therefore puts the person in the center. Employees are the backbone of an organization. Hence, the retention of the employees is important in keeping the organization on track. In order to retain the best talents, strategies aimed at satisfying employee’s needs are implemented, regardless of global companies or small-sized firms. The concept of knowledge management as a powerful competitive weapon has been strongly emphasized in the strategic management literature and is a major factor to retention and development of human resource in organizations. In this paper, we aim to study knowledge management and its relationship with employees' retention. Keywords- Organizational knowledge management, Employee retention, Knowledge workers, Strategic knowledge orientation, Learning culture orientation, and HR practices.