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Folder Vault Implementation On An Intangible-Based E-Commerce

Digital goods are being popular in order to the growth of creative industries. As an industries based on individual creativity, almost creative industries product are formed as a digital or intangible products, such as music, digital design, photo and image, video, interactive games, software, script, and many more. Based on the creative industries value chain, there are creation, production, distribution, and commercialization process of digital creative products. There is not any difficulties for creative people to create and produce any creative products. However, the distribution and commercialization process often have some problems and barriers for creative industries. Regarding to their haracteristics, unauthorized party can modify, duplicate, or distribute the digital goods easily. In the commercialization context, these intellectual property infringements should be avoided by increasing the management of digital products inventory. In an intangible-based e-commerce, digital goods asset should be protected so that only authorized buyer or customer can download the products. It means that the download links and digital goods folder must be protected, namely folder vault. This paper discussed an implementation of folder vault to hide the original download link so that the downloadable files folder cannot be revealed to customer directly. Keywords- Digital Goods, Intangible Products, E-Commerce, Folder Vault, Download Link