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Student’s Ability Insolving Radical Equation Problem

The purpose of this research is to describestudent’s ability insolvingradical equationproblem which is according to Polya problem solving phases. This research uses qualitative method. Test and interview are used as tools to describe student’s ability insolvingradical equationproblem. The subject of this research are three students of mathematics education undergraduate degree of State University of Malang. The results shown that student with high problem solving ability (S1) reachedcarrying out the plan phase. It is caused S1 did not check again the solution that was obtained. So that, the answer is incorrect. While, student with medium problem solving ability (S2) reachedcarrying out the plan phase too. But the diffrence is S2 made a mistake in running her plan even though the plan waswell-structured. Then student with low problem solving ability (S3) also reached carrying out the plan phase. But, the plan was being prepared by S3 is incorrect so that the solution which wasobtained is not correct. Keywords - Problem solving skills, non-routine question, radical equations