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Exploration of Rhizosphere Bacterial from Clove (Syzygium Aromaticum) As Biofertilizer Agent At Tidore Island North Moluccas, Indonesia

The aim of this study was to explore rhizosphere bacteria from Syzygium aromaticum plantation as biofertilizer include IAA production, phosphate solubilization and nitrogen fixation. The soil was taken from three locations of clove plantations in Tidore Island. The chemical content of rhizosphere soil was measured in the laboratory. Isolation of rhizosphere bacteria was carried by serial dilution method and Most Probable Number for nitrogen fixation bacteria. The data were analyzed with ANOVA and data were considered to be statistically different at P<0.05. The total of 111 isolates was screened for IAA production (7 Isolates), phosphate solubilization (20 isolates) and nitrogen fixation (6 isolates). The highest concentration for IAA production was isolated code of Tdr2 R11 (8.71 µg/L-1) and Tdr2 R8 (7.35 µg/L-1), Tdr2 R8P (8.37 µg/L-1) for the concentration of Phosphorus (PO4+) and Tdr2 R5N (11.77 µg/L-1) for the concentration of ammonium (NH4+). Keywords - Rhizosphere, Biofertilizer, Plant Growth Promotion Rhizobacteria