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Guidelines for the Foreign Workers Support in the Asean Community of Thailand

This research aim to study the policies related to the foreign workers support in the ASEAN Community of Thailand and to study the impact of measures to support foreign workers in the ASEAN Community of Thailand and to present guidelines for supporting foreign workers in the ASEAN Community of Thailand.Currently, the foreign workers management is still a problem even though Thai government is finding ways to solve the problem, the foreign workers are chosen to illegal way. Thus, it may be due to the fact that the cost of obtaining a work permit is quite high and it must be applied continuously. The most common problems, whether the registration and the application for work permit, the work of migrants is not covered and does not reach migrant workers, the proof of nationality of migrant workers is not accessible to them, and it is costly, or the registration and verification of citizenship is not covered and not reached. Moreover, there are many restrictions, and there is illegal child labor. Additionally, there is an unreachable and unsuitable universal education policy for a child of migrant workers, illegal immigrant labor movements who are taking this opportunity for their benefits, received the assistance from the government officers, and the protection system is not covered to all issues. These are problems waiting for solution and good guideline to correct these issues in the right way. Keywords - Foreign worker, Asean community