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Internet of Things Contents in Twitter; Content Analysis Evaluation

The purpose of this study is1) Study and explore keywords of the content in the Internet of Things article on Twitter to come up with the future trend for Internet of Things. Currently, there are 2 types of applications: Commercial IoT and Industrial IoT.2)To provide information and statistics that have been extracted as knowledge or used in reference research for the adoption of technology to further development.3) How to store real-time Twitter feeds using TwitterAPI technology? Retrieve IoT articles from Twitter, which are analyzed in keyword terms using the Corpus database. Keyword Search To analyze data according to defined content analysis criteria. And display with probability statistics in the form of tables and graphs. The results showed that the term used to refer to the Internet of Things article is more than one term. The researcher then used the table to compare the number of statistics for each keyword, so that the most popular search terms were the Internet of Things: #IoT, which resulted in the number of user accounts (Account and tweet and the number of replies (Retweet) can also be divided into a variety of articles, and found that the article contains the largest number of words. It's an article that discusses Internet of Things, Smart Home, or home comforts. Currently, IoTFor Life articles or Smart Home articles are popular and trendy to develop technology to meet the needs. Or more convenient to human beings effectively. Finally, the benefits of the Internet of Things article on social media, Twitter, are the recognition of the importance of IoT technology, which has been widely recognized since 2016. Development of better ideas and solutions. Real-time streaming is more interoperable and more reliable. Index Terms - Twitter, Internet of Things,IoT, Smart Home