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Health Information Behavior of Elderly In Digital Age

This research is survey research that aims to study the behavior of seeking and using health information of the elderly. The researcher collected data by using questionnaires and in-depth interviews. Population in the research were 40 elderly people living in Bang Kae elderly welfare development center. The sampling method used in the study was to determine the current status, information needs, and problems of using information for research purposes. The questionnaire was used to collect data and to analyze and summarize the data in 4 aspects: Personal data, Housing status, Health information behavior, Problems and barriers in using information. The research result found that most of elderly people in the Bangkae Elderly Social Welfare Center had health information seeking and using behaviors from the information source is a free video sharing website that lets people upload, view, and share videos (YouTube) at 37.5%. Health information seeking will be searched for information on the disease of the elderly (40%). The problems encountered in seeking and using information. Most of elderly people unknown where to seeking information and Internet usage is unknown. The content is often read elusive and they have physical problems such as vision that impede information perception Index Terms - Information Behavior, Information Seeking, Information Use, Health, Elderly