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The Mitigation of Saltwater Intrusion Impact by Folk Wisdom in Phon Sung, Ban Dung, Udon Thani,Thailand

The research aimed to study impact of saltwater intrusion and The mitigation of saltwater intrusion impact by folk wisdom in Phon Sung, Ban Dung, Udon Thani. The samples of research are 10 people by using Semi-structured interviews.The samples were purposive sampling included community leaders, philosophers, villagers. And people affected by the invasion of salt water. The results showed that the impact of saltwater intrusion are divided into the following aspects: Economic impact, Farmers cannot cultivate a variety of economic crops, resulting in limited revenue streams. And obstacle to agricultural development. Social impact, Conflicts in Entrepreneur inhabitant and Farmers in the case of salt water influx into the area. Environmental impact, Biodiversity is limited. There are no plants and animals living in salty areas. Many freshwater species such as shrimps, crabs, crabs, fishes are extinct. Agricultural crops dead etc. For The mitigation of saltwater intrusion impact are 1. Digging ponds to keep saltwater from spreading in neighboring areas. 2. Washing out of Saline from rice fields using rainwater or irrigation water. 3. Selection of rice varieties and economic crops suitable for saline soil. 4. Fish farming that can tolerate salinity to generate income such as Red Tilapia etc. 5. Use of Legal Measures to Prevent and Suppress Smuggling in release saltwater in to the public watercourses. Index Terms - Mitigation, intrusion, folk wisdom, saltwater