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Developing Countries And The Entrepreneurial Intention Of Postgraduates: A Study Of Uum Nigerian Postgraduate Candidates

The surging unemployment among developing nations and the appreciative importance of the role played by entrepreneurship in job creation has steered to the postulation that entrepreneurship undertakings can be spurred through entrepreneurial intention development. Nevertheless, studies on entrepreneurial intention are very limited in the developing world and particularly in the continent of Africa. Previous studies were mostly focused on the undergraduate candidates even among the developed countries. This paper therefore, is intended at bridging the gap by using the descriptive quantitative survey technique to study the entrepreneurship intention of 158 postgraduate candidates of Nigeria at Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). The theory of planned behaviour (TPB) model was utilised for this study, due to its reputable validity, with attitudes, subjective norms and perceived behavioural control being the independent variables. The data qualifies for the multivariate analysis assumptions after preliminary analysis and data screening and the reliability test was conducted which shows all variables as reliable with the cronbach Alpha value of > 0.70 each. With all factors in the Pearson correlation having < 0.9 value and the VIF having < 10, the data is free from multicollineariy problem. Regression analysis finally shows the predictive capability and sufficiency of the TPB model in entrepreneurship intention with all independent variables being positively and significantly related to the entrepreneurial intention of the candidates. However, perceived behavioural control appeared the strongest element that impacts to entrepreneurial intention of the postgraduates with respect to its Beta value. Developing nations are thus, recommended to create or redesign their entrepreneurship development programmes to corroborate the needs of candidates in the highest level of academia. Replicating this study in a larger sample that comprises more than one university and more than one developing country is an area to further research. IndexTerms- Attitude, Entrepreneurial Intention, Perceived Behavioural Control, Postgraduates, Subjective Norms