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A Comparison of Photometric Scanning Quality between Agisoft Photo Scan and Visual SFM

Recently, the demand for 3D contents such as games, movies and the like is increasing, so that the utilization of 3D scanning is increasing. However, the use of laser scanners and depth cameras is complicated by high cost and post-processing. With highly utilized methods, photometric scanning acquires 3D model data through multi-view images. However, there is a difference in quality depending on environment, object characteristics, and modeling process. Therefore, in this paper, we use the commercial software AgisoftPhotoScan and the open source VisualSFM to acquire the data and compare the quality. The results of this paper are expected to be used as comparative data for high quality 3D data. Keywords - Photometric Scanning, 3D Modeling, Hard light Conditions, CloudCompare, VisualSFM, AgisoftPhotoscan.