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Integrating Local Wisdom and Folkway to Develop Learning Activities for Homestays in Taling Chan District, Bangkok

This research studied cultural and local wisdom resources capabilities to be integrated into learning activities for homestay businesses in Taling Chan District, Bangkok. This qualitative research collected data from documents, surveys, observation, and structured interviews using the purposive sampling method. The data was analyzed and its consistency was repeatedly verified until data saturation was reached and then content analysis tools were used. Considering 5 components of tourism and local wisdom resources, the study found that the area had all 6 components of cultural tourism, local wisdom and folkway capabilities to be integrated into learning activities with homestay businesses, including environment, occupation, food, tradition and culture, architecture, and others; for example, sports and recreation, e.g., a floating market, or local wisdom, e.g., carving banana stalks and making powder bunch. To summarize, local wisdom and folkway suitable and capable for being developed into learning activities to integrate with homestay businesses in Taling Chan District, Bangkok, include community ways of life learning activities in Taling Chan District, handicraft activities, and traditional food and dessert cooking activities. These activities can induce tourists to stay in a homestay or travel in Taling Chan District, leading to sustainable tourism and local income generation in the community. Keywords - Integration, Local Wisdom and Folkway, Activities, Homestays