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Investigation on Local Bond Deformations near Deformed Bar in Concrete and Cement Paste by using DIC

This study is an effort towards presenting a powerful experimental procedure for monitoring, capturing and examining internal cracks propagation and local deformations between ribs of steel rebar and concrete or cement paste, which helps in better understanding of local bond behavior between rebar and concrete or cement paste, and the mechanisms which govern this behavior. A standard axial tension test was applied to deformed steel bar which was embedded in concrete and cement paste specimens. The specimen had a trapezoidal “window,” which allows full continues observation and measurements of concrete or cement paste displacements and subsequently strains by recording high-resolution digital video which was later analyzed by digital image correlation (DIC) software. The experimental results show the difference in phenomena in cracks propagation from steel rebar in concrete and cement paste. The results show that high deformations inside concrete intend to concentrate around the interface between mortar and aggregates especially big aggregates rather than inside mortar. Keywords - Axial tension, Bond, Cracking, Deformed bars, Image processing.