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The Roles Of Globalisation On Education In Northern Nigeria: The Benefits, The Challenges, And The Way Forward

Globalisation transformed Educational spaces into a tiny environment of imparting and acquiring knowledge at our finger tips. Even though Globalisation has past many phases but the 21st century Globalisation appeared different in all human�s history. Now our Libraries, Colleges, Universities and other centres of learning were transformed to digital and electronic one with millions of peoples accessing them at their living room in the same time and the same level. Globalisation beautified educational spaces in all sense of human ramification. The Paper intends to explore how and why our Institutions of learning are becoming a mere centres of acquiring certificates instead of imparting and acquiring knowledge. though, the revolutions of information and communication technology (ICT) contributed lots in boosting educational development and to some instance has immensely affect the effectiveness of sound education in those days by mishandling these new gadgets. Therefore, the paper will look on how to address these serious issues. The paper has adopted the secondary source of data collection in its framework for analysis. The findings of this research will be of importance especially in understanding the scientific roles of Globalisation on education in Northern Nigeria in particular and other parts of the globe. keywords- Globalisation, Education, Information And Communication Technology, Northern Nigeria.